Main benefits of AI employee

Represent 30 employees
Working around the clock
languages to communicate
hours saved
< 1%
error rate
Speed and continuity of learning

Speed and continuity of learning are certainly among the biggest benefits. Not only is it a matter of days at most weeks to teach him everything he needs to know, an AI employee never stops learning, is constantly evolving and improving at what he does, and accepts any change in procedures almost immediately.


Another indisputable advantage is complete loyalty, so you don't have to worry that such a worker will just get trained at your company and then leave for a better offer. So an AI worker can work for you for generations.

They can communicate in 95 languages

with a high degree of accuracy. It also performs highly accurate analysis and estimations over huge amounts of data and much more.

We create AI employees on demand
Unlimited copies and lower error rates

The AI employee can communicate with up to 30 people simultaneously while automatically cloning itself when needed. The same goes for performing tasks and activities, all with an error rate of less than 1%. So you have an unlimited number of copies of your best performing employee at your disposal.

Works 24/7

An AI employee doesn't need to sleep, rest or be sick, so they can work 24/7.

If you still don't know what specific benefits it can bring to your business, contact us and together we can come up with a solution that will benefit you the most.

Currently available AI employees

B2B Sales
Eve has access to all information about the products and services your company offers as well as all customer information. She has learned sales tactics and strategies from your best salesmen, which she is constantly improvingso that she can apply them more and more effectively. Because she doesn't need to sleep and communicates in 95 languages, she works on business opportunities from around the world all day long. In addition, she also communicate with up to 30 people at a timeand clone herself as needed, so she never has to reschedule a meeting with an important client. She then enters all the information into your CRM and forwards the prepared opportunity to the sales team for completion.
Legal Assistant
Eli has access to the Collection of Laws and all available judicial case law. She does her research very efficiently and drafts legal documents. She also helps to establish the basic framework and and traces relevant documents applicable to the drafting of standard and innominate contracts. By accessing laws and documents related to, for example, judicial or administrative proceedings, it accurately monitors substantive and procedural deadlines and notifies you in advance of the need to take a certain action (e.g. filing an appeal). Eli is a great asset for your law firm or corporate legal department.
Sales Assistant
Martin has access to all product and customer information. Based on this data, he perfectly targets customer databases andcreates personalised offers for individual groups, so that the customer will always have a sense of personalised attention. In addition, it communicates in 95 languages, so your customers can be from all over the world. All sales are done through text and spoken communication, which leads to higher sales. In addition, the history of communication provides another monetization tool to your business.
Lucy with her kind face and friendly attitude welcomes every visitor who comes to your office. With access to all calendars, it quickly verifies whether a visitor has an appointment, with whom and if that person is currently available. It then informs the host of the visit via a call and provides detailed directions to the visitor via an interactive map of the building. Like her other AI colleagues she works 24/7so you'll never find yourself short-staffed at the front desk again.
Store manager
Michal has access to all information about stock, orders and the overall logistics of the store or warehouse. He knows the delivery dates of every item in stock. He can predict, based on customer behaviour, what items need to be ordered in what quantities, even when connected to a network of suppliers he is able to buy at the best prices during individual promotions or discounts. Therefore, you will never run out of goods or materials and you will not be losing profit.

Portfolio of our services

Consultation and strategy development
Do you want to implement AI tools in your business but are hesitant about whether they will actually add value? Schedule a consultation with us to look at your needs and options together. We'll find out if implementing AI tools would really pay off for you. And if so, we'll then develop a step-by-step strategy to help you implement AI in your business in the best way.
Analysis of company's IS and processes
Are you determined to implement some AI tools in your business, but don't know if all your company information systems will be compatible? Are you unclear what all processes in your company could be automated and improved with AI? Schedule a detailed analysis with us to get an accurate idea of how ready your business is to implement AI and where it makes the most sense to apply these tools.
Modelling and implementation of AI employees
Do you know that you want to implement our AI employee in your company, you have found all the details about your IT infrastructure and processes, and you just want to create and engage your company's AI employee? Great choice. You just need to clarify what role, appearance and character traits you want from your AI employee. And then together we will start the implementation, after which your company will enter a new era of business.
Training and certification to work with AI
Do you already have some AI tools in your company, but your employees don't have enough skills to work effectively? Or are you a potential partner who would like to dream of working together and carrying out analyzes and consultations with your customers? We will be happy to train both your employees and our possible partners so that they can perform their work efficiently.

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